Running – week four

Today I started the fourth consecutive week of running at least three days. On weekdays, I aim for a minimum of three days. Weekends are just bonus days if I find time. My routine so far has been running a mile on the treadmill then round out 15 minutes with walking + hand weights on the treadmill, optionally using a minimal incline. Keep in mind I haven’t had any significant exercise over the past several years, so I’m really trying to ramp up slowly. Toward the end of the last few runs I’ve felt like I could push further, but so far I’ve kept it to right around a mile. Today I pushed on to a mile and a half. I feel happy about that. My goal is to build up my endurance so I can run a 5K at some point. So, I have some work to do, but I’m confident I can keep at it and achieve that goal. Plus it feels great!

My first Firefox extension: writefile

writefile is a Firefox extension [1] which waits for an event from the current page and upon receiving notification of that event writes the contents of the calling element to a new file on the computer running the browser.

The source and a download link can be found on Bitbucket.


Update 2012-12-26

An example of using this extension can be found here:

Inkscape 0.48 brings multipath editing

Highlights from the latest Inkscape release:

  • Multipath editing: you can now drag select a group of path nodes and edit them together. This was not possible in earlier releases.
  • Windows command line improvements
  • Improved stability: expect fewer crashes when importing files.
  • SVG text now supports baseline-shift: now you too can enjoy superscript and subscript text.

Multipath editing is the big win here. This is the kind of feature Inkscape needed to be a serious alternative to the mainstream tools.

Inkscape has been a key part of my graphics work. Paired with Raphaël, you have a very powerful toolset for cross platform (optionally animated) vector graphics on the web.

Week 8, day 5: another bronchoscopy

Friday morning update from Nurse Susan

  • He’s doing fine right now
  • They’ll take him for the bronchoscopy some time early this afternoon – depending on earlier cases today
  • He’s looking real good – was alert from 7:00 AM to 8:45 AM
  • He’s sleeping now
  • Yellow – white secretions
  • He had some early morning agitation – had ativan at both 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM

My Mom and my Aunt Irene just got here to watch Hannah. We’ll be leaving soon for Milwaukee. Hopefully Dr. Kerschner finds more healing during the bronchoscopy. Please keep those prayers coming, today is another big day for Alexandar.

Week 8, day 4

Thursday morning update from Nurse Jane

Apparently Alexandar had an “episode” overnight, around 3 AM. He was upset and moving his head around, which kinked the ET (breathing) tube. That made him really mad. They did find blood in the tube while removing secretions. Afterward they did a chest x-ray and it looked the same as it had yesterday. They also ran a bloodgas – his co2 was higher than normal, so they increased the air volume coming from the ventilator. Alexandar settled in after those adjustments. He is anemic now, but they don’t plan to do anything about it at the moment.

Also, they’ve been giving him iron once a day to help build blood count – apparently it’s not uncommon for babies to drop blood count as they grow. So that’s not a huge deal.

The did see “pink stuff” with secretions this morning, but it’s looking better now. They want to keep him sedated today and minimize movement. He’s not on additional medicine, they’ll just continue with ativan as needed.

He’s been calm since Jane started. His vitals are fine and still on oxygen.

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