About me

I’m happily married to a funny, intelligent, and beautiful woman. Together we have two wonderful young daughters. We live a good life in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

My tech interests include: computer graphics, programming, CAD, CAM, automation, web services, computer vision, distributed computing, lasers, and mobile computing.

I spend my days in the Manufacturing Engineering department of the global leader in entertainment lighting.

I dream of some day managing my software development company from various exotic locations as my family and I travel and explore our amazing planet Earth.


My github resume.

Open source

I’ve learned so much from publicly shared source code, and I believe in giving back to help others learn as well.

About this site

This site is hosted by Webfaction (@webfaction on Twitter). You should check them out for inexpensive shared hosting. When you sign up, your admin site has dashboard tools that allow quick installation and url mapping for 21 applications (as of today, 2010-09-01) such as Django, Rails, Drupal, Git, WordPress and more.

I also publish my web development work here:

accelerating toward a code future